Midwest Holster

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There are many ways to conceal a pistol. However, the most successful way is the comfortable way; no matter how cool a holster looks, if it isn't comfortable, you're not going to wear it.

That's why at Midwest Holster, we supply a range of different leather holsters that are soft to the touch and at the same time, give you the toughness that leather has to offer. Our holsters are made from 100% cowhide. 

Not only do we offer many ways to conceal comfortably, but we can fit almost any pistol.

Proudly made in USA.

Clip Style holster that can fit inside or outside the waist.

Flapjack holster which can be worn outside with a belt. Left or right handed

Under arm holster that fits both left and right handed people.

Holster that uses magnet to carry, can be used to conceal without use of a metal clip or belt.